Frequently Asked Questions

You can be a GreenThumber once you register at Note that you can register any time. Click Signup/Login button and fill up the registration form. Once registered, you can choose available farms and products to fund.

Choose Product - After having successfully register an account, you can be able to fund a farm or choose a product. Some products are unavailable and some farms are not open for the current cycle. You can only fund available farms/products.

To fund a farm or choose a product, kindly click OUR FARMS tab at the top left corner of the website, then select available farm to fund. After selecting a farm, you can now choose the product you desire to fund. Then enter the number of product plots and the total computation will then appear at the bottom of the form. After that, just click "Add to Basket" button. You can add or remove products in your basket as long as you are not placing it.

If you have remaining balance in your account, the total product cost will automatically be deducted from the total amount of GTA Balance. You can also choose whether you would like to have a notarized contract or not. Notary fee is P250. You can fund different products/ farms in a cycle.

Contract - After checkout and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, a contract will be sent to you through Message Center within an average of 3-7 working days. Delays will sometimes depend on the number of contracts we are sending.

Contract or notarized contract is per cycle. Even if you have chosen to invest in multiple products, you will be receiving only one "1" contract for the current cycle.

Payment - You will be able to fund your Vault once registered and logged into your account. We are offering a variety of methods for funding your Vault. You will be able to see the fund at the balance of your vault within 3 working day after payment has been made.

Reflecting Products - After the confirmation/validation of checkout, your products and transaction history will be posted on your account before the start of the real farming.

Harvesting - Harvesting is based on the tagging of your products. Sales profit will depend on the crops/livestocks produced and price market. Once product is harvested it will posted on Product History of your account.

Deposit of fund into your Vault can be made anytime, but please bear in mind to allow 3 working days before it appears on your Vault's balance.
No, there will be no registration fee.
The cart is where all your product requests are placed for every cycle. New product requests will only remain for 10 days. Without placing your orders/requests after 10 days the product requests will automatically remove.
We do not have tentative date for the coming cycles. Once the cycle is closed, it will usually take more than 2 or 3 months before the next cycle opens. If date was confirmed by the management, we will immediately post it on our Facebook page or website.
The contract will be sent to you through Message Center within 3-7 working days from the day you requested the products. Delays will sometimes depend on the number of contracts we are sending.

Payment details indicated in the contract shall be paid through BDO Bank Deposit, Online Banking, Fund Transfer, Remittance or Cash Payment (Office address indicated in the contract) and Bitcoin payment.

For investment coming from areas in lack of transaction feasibility, please notify our staff for additional assistance.

You may choose to make the payment anytime before the deadline indicated on the information page, as long as the investment window is still open.
Payment will be confirmed within 3 working days. If you don't received any confirmation in your Message Box within 4 working days, you may call us immediately, delays may due to a large number of tickets that we are responding.
Notarized Contracts will be sent at Message Centre within the month of the start of the real farming.
Sales profit will depend on the crops/livestocks produce, quantity, quality and price market.
Profit distribution is on an Investor First basis. We are grateful for every GTAer’s contribution to making agriculture great again, therefore we strive to protect the interests and benefits of our funders. The profit will be used to first pay off the investors’ invested capital , based on their share of investment. The remaining/net profit (Gross Profit - Investment) will be distributed between Investor/Farmer/GTA at 50/30/20 respectively.
Withdrawal request can be made at anytime. Submission of withdrawal request can be send directly using your GTA account. Just log in to your account. Click the withdraw button at the bottom of the Vault Summary. Enter the amount you want to withdraw then submit. If you are using someone's bank account attach a copy of authorization letter from the account owner then submit your request. Kindly update your profile to fill up your bank details/money remittance details. To protect our investors security, money will be only withdrawn to the registered banking details in our investor profile page.
Withdrawal Requests are processed in the order of occurence. The fund will be arrive at the designated address within 10 working days after the submission has been made.
You can contact us through message center, call us at (+86)15549443821 or (+86)111 222 3333 or visit us at our main office located at #555 Shanghai, China. You can also contact us on our Facebook page but our response may be delayed.
The best product to invest in is the Rice Crop. Why? Because, GTA has complete technology for the production of good quality rice from planting, harvesting, milling, up to packaging. GTA also has a large number of rice growers or farmers registered to be funded by GTAers. The ROI of rice is estimated from 10% to 20%.

Rice has been a staple of Filipino diet since time and memorial. GTA offers Rice product to be funded due to high and steady demand since Filipinos eat rice every day. Furthermore, the following reasons should be regarded as basis for the production of rice:

• GTA serves over a great number of farmers that are in need of capital investment on the production of rice;

 • Although rice undergoes a lot of processes before going to market, it only requires minimal marketing because consumers are already familiar with the product;

• Despite the fact that the quality of rice deteriorates after three months; it does not spoils easily as those of the vegetable products offered for the last cycles;

 • GTA also invests on post-harvest facilities to ensure the quality of rice. We at GTA Agri-Community Corp., would like to take part on the contribution for higher rice production and be the leader of the movement for Philippines to be a rice sufficient country and we believe that without you, this will not be possible.

Profits are not guaranteed but risks are managed!

With the equipment of new methodologies and techniques in farming, we were able to enhance the production of our products. Easy to grow lowland crops and vegetables (such as papaya, petsay, string beans, legumes, varieties of pepper and others) are our main products. Along with crops, livestocks (such as pigs, goats, ducks, and chickens) are being domesticated with the help our GTA Farm Masters from the loca Department of Agriculture.

How do we manage climate change and natural disasters?

GreenThumb has its ways on battling climate change and natural disasters. Take for example El Niño (a natural occurring phenomenon which causes warming. This warming causes a shift in the atmospheric circulation with rainfall becoming reduced over the areas affected), GreenThumb has built water its own reservoirs to facilitate this issue. It enables our farmers to have access to water for arrigation at all times.

La Niña is also another occurring phenomenon. It is the counterpart of El Niño. This phenomenon causes heavy rains which leads to massive flooding’s on affected areas. GreenThumb builds drainage canals to expel the excess waters accumulating. This ensures that the plant won’t drown and be destroyed. Some of our farms are strategically located on high areas to avoid the effects of La Niña.

We also make sure that there are guard plants which will protect our crops from strong wind currents which can destroy our plants.

Despite the changing seasons, GreenThumb will continue to develop and look for solutions, in battling the serious effects of climate change.

If in case the farm has been devastated by natural calamities; (such as earthquakes, storms, flooding’s, and uncontrolled pestilence) GreenThumb will replant crops as well as raise livestock again free of cost, to ensure that our investors' interests have been protected.

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