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A New Era of Farming

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Farming Opportunity Awaits You!



Help Farms

  • Let us help our local farmers. Reach out to them! Support our project! Let us give importance to farming.


  • By contributing certain amount to our cause, we will be able to finance our farmers production cost.

Be Rewarded

  • Take a risk in farming industry and be rewarded. Reap your reward for every successful project in a cycle.

How Does It Work?


GreenThumb uses the concept of crowdfunding in assisting our farmers. How to participate?

In every season GreenThumb will open a number of new farms, of which the nature will depend on the the marketability of the products, and the proficiency of the farmers enrolled. These farms will then be open to be funded by the investors for a period of two months, before then investment window closes. Within this window of two months, investors are free to choose a specific or a range of products to invest in. The farms that received enough funding to reach the "softcap" or the "hardcap" will kicked off according to the execution plan after the two months period.

GTAers who have invested in the farms will receive reward only after the crops have been harvested and sold. Each community member must also acknowledge the risks involved in farming, as returns on investment are not guaranteed and may vary. In the cases of extreme losses suffered from an unforeseen event such as super typhoon that destroys the crop, , it is anticipated that investors will not be able to receive their returns immediately after the projected growth season. GTA will protect the interest of our investors by replaceing the seeds and replanting the crops with NO ADDITIONAL cost.

The Future

We at GreenThumb believe that there is a bright future in farming. We aim to change the misconception of people about it by encouraging them to go back to farming. We will continue to inspire them by innovating it and by bringing GreenThumb closer to your home and within the reach of your hands.

We want to promote farming and introduce it to younger generation, so that they will know the importance of this massive yet unappreciated and underestimated industry.

GreenThumb wants to provide good quality and marketable products throughout the country.

By supporting our team and our products, by joining us, you will be able to help our farmers secure a brighter future for themselves and for their families.

And the top of it, you will be rewarded!

Join us! Be part of our growing family. Let us help our farmers, let us help alleviate poverty among them.

Because here on GreenThumb, we take pride on giving the best service and quality agricultural products in the region.

So Help! Contribute! And Be Rewarded!

There is a future in farming and the future is now in your hands.

Make a choice! Be a GreenThumber!

Getting Started

Our Mission

It is the mission of GreenThumb to re-introduce farming to everyone by providing them with a virtual world to experience "real-life" farming. GreenThumb encourages and develops entrepreneurs and farmers to produce healthy, quality and organic crops and livestock. In achieving this mission, partnership between farmers, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs and linkages with the experts in the field will be established.

Our Vision

It is the Vision of GreenThumb to maintain close working relationship between the farmers and the partners in order to produce excellent quality of organic crops and livestock's. Innovation will constantly and consistently be made and the latest farming technologies will be utilized at all times. Trainings and seminars will be made available to farmers and they will be frequently and closely supervised and monitored by a team of experts. It is also our Vision to create a sustainable community for both entrepreneurs and farmers who joined hands here on GreenThumb!

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